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Friday Wrap #156: Twitter goes algorithmic, Myspace lives, brands cope with online outrage, and more

Friday Wrap #156The Friday Wrap is my weekly collection of news stories, posts, studies, and reports designed to help organizational communicators stay current on the trends and technology that affect their jobs. These may be items that flew under the radar while other stories grabbed big headlines. As always, I collect material from which I select Wrap stories (as well as stories to report on the For Immediate Release podcast, along with stuff I just want to remember to read) on my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow. If you want to make sure you never miss an edition of the Wrap, subscribe to my weekly email newsletter.


Twitter’s… Read More »

Why are PR and marketing ignoring the hottest video trend?

Short videos are the hot trend that PR and marketing are ignoring

An important video trend has been gaining momentum for some time. Despite the popularity of these videos, and the increasing number of them, there has been virtually no adoption of the technique among public relations, corporate communications, and marketing. They remain almost exclusively the province of the news media.

Given the communication world’s slow uptake of trends, that’s hardly surprising. Still, given what we know about how people consume videos these days and how easy it is—technically, at least—to create videos that employ these techniques, you have to wonder what’s holding brands and businesses back.

The videos are… Read More »

FIR #21: Vying for relevance

Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network

For Immediate Release 

Today’s panel includes Richard Binhammer, one of the earliest adopters of social media for business while on the Dell communications team; Olivier Blanchard, director of Operations and Strategy at Frontspace Media; and Howard Greenstein, chief operating officer of DomainSkate and co-founder of the Social Media Club. Today’s topics include…

  • What good all those Super Bowl commercials did and whether the $5 million each advertiser spent for 30 seconds of air time might have been better spent on digital media
  • Richard Edelman’s call for CEOs to come out of the bunker and represent their… Read More »